Hi, I am Merel.

I teach entrepreneurs how to create a business from their purpose, choose the right business-model that fits their personality and lifestyle, and build an online business without unnecessary stress.


The ultimate business model based on your purpose.

Discover how to make the change of doing all the things, to a fulfilling business based on your personal purpose. 

Purposeful Business Academy

I believe your business should be build on your purpose. 

The business you will never quit


What Kind Of Entrepreneur Are You?

Discover what your entrepreneur startup style is...

Where are you in your Business Adventure?

The 4 phases of Entrepreneurship


In Phase 1 Align you are doing the interwork and figuring out who you are and what you want.

What do I really want for my life and in business?
What is my purpose?
What are my values and strengths?


In Phase 2 Choose you are focussing on 'one thing' only and choosing the best business model for your business.

What business model works best for my gifting and values?
What problem can I solve?
What offer do I make?


In Phase 3 you Build your online business. You use the best platform for your long-term goal and start being visible online. 

What platforms do I use?
Which socials do I focus on?
What are the best traffic drivers to my business?


In Phase 4 you Grow your online business. You focus on efficiency, scalling, measurable results and hiring a winning team. 

Where do I find talent?
How can I maximize my ROI?
How do I work smarter and more efficient?



5 must-haves to grow your business

We grow our business as we learn. Do you rather listen or read? Here are my favourite resources to learn the tools to grow your business.

My Favorite books

These are my top 5 favorite books on business topics and mindset. Are you ready to learn and apply?

Incredible Podcasts

Do you like to binge on podcasts? Me too! These are my top 5 business podcaststo have in your ear buds.

Take a chance on yourself and change the world. 

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